Monday 18 April 2011


We've been such busy bees around the house lately that our poor old blog has been neglected once again. Spring always seems to make me want to nest! So we finally started to paint the front of the house - remember this - and after a few days of umming and ahhing over the final colour we now love it. Thank god as it took a fair bit of elbow grease and much cussing from C. In the meantime we've managed to find time to be interviewed by one of our lovely lovely stockists, Plaisir, as part of their Shop Talk series! They asked us to provide a photo of ourselves cue much gurning and furrowing of brows by C and fake laughter by me - we thought we'd share an outtake gem with you here - lucky you!

We should add that as well as our interview there are also some really interesting ones with the incredibly talented Alison Hardcastle and Kate McLelland.