Wednesday 25 May 2011

Another peacock anyone...

This is the gig poster we did last week and features yet another of our current bird of the month - the mighty fine peacock! We were quite pleased with how it turned out given that it was our first foray into paper printing (albeit for some card attempts at Christmas). After a spate of trial and errors C concluded 4 coins created the optimum off-contact screen height. Hurrah.

Monday 16 May 2011

Something new...

We've got some new things on the way and thought we'd post a sneaky peek here. It's still in the tweaking stages as C can be a tad finickity and I'm a bit of a perfectionist - not a good combo - and we're completely lost trying to work out colourways we agree on! We decided to make some things up to give us an idea how they'd look and thought we'd rope in our little live-in model to assist.

We're also busy bees working on a gig poster for a friend so prints on paper maybe heading to our shop sometime in the future if all goes well. Fingers crossed - it's all about the off-contact apparently!

Tuesday 10 May 2011

One year on...

We've just spotted our little etsy shop has been open for a whole year today! We never thought we'd still be open and selling this far down the line when we started. We just took the plunge and hoped for the best. We're bowled over by the response we've had so... thank you to those who've followed us, blogged about us and bought from us!