Monday 9 June 2014

New. New. New...

Introducing... drum roll please... a couple of new designs to our wee Animal Alphabet range!

We've been tinkering away with these two critters for a while and at last finally found the time to finish them off and get them onto screens, printed up and then made into both stuffed pillows and cushion covers. We've had a bit of a year so far what with fabric issues and lots of things deciding to break down but we finally got things sorted and back on track and now have two fabric options in our shop - a lovely off-white 'oyster' linen/union and a natural linen/union. Looking on the bright side at least it gave us some time and space to get our paper doodles off the page and onto fabric at last! Yay!

Please welcome... a lovely big Bear pillow and cushion and his wee little friend Hedgehog. Each available in three colours - you can find them in our shop here now.