Friday 25 January 2013

New year, new prices.

Well hello there!

Goodness me it's been a while. It seems like yesterday we were planning to begin Christmas preparations back sometime in September, then we blinked and now it's 2013! We've also been swayed by the oh-so-easy social networking tool that is Instagram. It's easy peasy, so quick and I only have to attempt to be witty (I wish) in one sentence! Definitely a bonus for me.

Anyhoo... we're writing here for a reason. As of this coming Monday 28th January we're introducing a slight price increase on all our products. This will be the first time we've raised our prices since we launched our business back in 2010 and along the way many of our suppliers have raised theirs and we've upgraded both our fabric and our zips so unfortuantely we can no longer put off an increase. All our products continue to be hand screenprinted and handmade by us here at our studio in the UK which is really important to us. We also source where possible eco-friendly, UK produced, good quality fabric, inks and fillers and will continue to do so. We love being able to put 'made in the UK' on everything we sell. 

The new prices will take affect from Monday 28th January in our Etsy shop.

Apologies for the slightly glum post we promise to be back sooner with more cheery news! And just to prove we have been out and about here are a few of my favourite Intagram photos from recent times... we're under 'robinandmould' come and follow us.