Tuesday 12 January 2010

New year, new post!

So December came and went and my blogging aspirations disappeared in a cloud of Christmas preparation.

We spent Christmas away from home in Cornwall with family this year, which meant having to be sorted even earlier, and as we'd made a rather rash decision to make all our presents, stress and dissorder ensued!

Anyway..now all the gifts have been given we can at last post about them. So here are a couple of photos of our piles of handprinted tea towels and cushion covers ready for wrapping and posting. We stupidly forgot to photograph them on their own in our eagerness to get them out in time for Christmas, so I might have to ask for some back!


  1. They look so professh stacked like that. Top marks for presentation!

  2. My cushion is sitting proudly on the chair in our front room. I love it! Are you taking orders yet? And can you post a photo of the tea towels - the tantalising glimpse I can see in the pile looks lsuh. Think I might need some!


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