Thursday 8 July 2010

Mid Century Modern heads west!

Thanks to the lovely Colin of Homescape who we had a nice chat with on Sunday whilst both running our stalls at the St Catherine's market, we heard about the fabulous Mid Century Modern Show coming to our wee neck of the woods later this year. Yay! And boy are we excited. Better start saving those pennies now!

Oh and this is a gem (his words not mine!!) C took just before we packed up the car and headed home from the market. I don't know the history behind this fantastic post box and lamp post but it was a photo opportunity I couldn't resist!


  1. Hello

    I bought one of your lovely owls at Frome on Sunday (to even out the monkey/owl ratio in our house). He very quickly made himself very happy on the bed until he finds his permanent home!

    The lamp in your picture is the valentine lamp named after St Valentine - there is a lighting ceremony every year although I've never been. There doesn't seem to be very much information around about the lamp except that it was restored in 1993 and is still gas powered.

    I'm hoping to see you at the market again to buy some more of your fantastic goodies!

  2. I spotted these in another blog I read, and thought they looked very much like your sort of thing: