Monday 6 September 2010

Time flying...

Lordy. Where, oh, where did August go? A whole month since our last post and we've nothing to show for it except hundreds of photos languishing on our computer (albeit a brand spanking new shiny iMac - how excited was I that day!) and a heap of wholesale orders we've been busting a gut to get finished.

Yes. We've decided to take the leap and start selling wholesale to a handful of shops, at first. So far so good. Everyone is so lovely and our first boxes were delivered in person to a lovely soon-to-open shop in Frome on Sunday. It'll be so bizarre to see our handmade, homemade items in an actual shop. So here are a few sneaky peeks of some purses in progress...

We did manage to sneak in the odd day trip/excursion this past month too...

These were taken at Shear Water, a man made lake on the Longleat estate only a few miles from us. I love it here, as do the boys.


  1. Oh, i love those little purses!! they're so perfect :D

  2. How exciting. Well done! Snap...we just got a shiny new i-mac too. I can't stay away from its big, shiny screen! Everything looks sooo much better now! A super duper investment I think.

  3. The purses are gorgeous!!! Congrats for getting the wholesale deals...
    And SO beautiful the lake pics...
    Have a great week.

  4. Happy Birthday...hope you've had a splendid day!

  5. Will you be selling the purses in your Etsy shop too? They look lovely.

  6. Thanks Kerry - only just spotted this! Hope you had a lovely lovely day too?
    Thanks all... we shall be selling the purses on etsy soon but at the moment we're swamped with other things so it's on the back burner until we take some photos. But soon I promise! Watch this space...

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