Monday, 13 June 2011

The fox has landed!

I just wanted to post quickly to say we've finally managed to update our wee etsy shop with some new stock and there's more to come. It seems to take me an age to shoot, sort, resize and upload images not to mention writing something vaguely witty (I wish!!) to describe it all. The rest will be up for sale later after my Monday sewing club - tonight I think I shall turn my hand to a much needed apron for Ru as the skirt I was attempting for myself has not gone anywhere near to plan so far! Darn it.


  1. I love them! Really nice to see your new stuff. I look forward to seeing the rest :) x

  2. So so gorgeous! Brilliant work...more more! xLou x

  3. Thanks so much ladies! Been a long time coming - second album nerves!

  4. This design is just fantastic! I really love your work, brilliant stuff.

    Amy x

  5. I'm in Love with your designs, just so truly gorgeous


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