Sunday, 13 June 2010

Cake and Craft...

So the Checkout Art Market in Bristol went well... such a sunny day filled with crafts and cakes and lovely friendly people - does it get much better?!

Our stall was next to the gorgeous work of Trigger Editions who made us feel very welcome and made the five hours fly by. The cakes were supplied courtesy of the lovely ladies of Tabletop Cakes and as we were sat nearly opposite their beautiful stand I couldn't hold out for long - they were delicious! We were also sitting facing the stunning work of the SNAP Studio artists who were selling prints and cards and also running a mini screen printing workshop. It was so inspiring and if I were richer (and had not spent all my money on cakes!) I would have been in there buying, buying, buying.

It was also an unexpected treat to put a face to the name behind the lovely Seventy Tree blog... we only discovered it recently but have been hooked ever since.