Wednesday 27 October 2010


I am beginning to wonder when time will slow down? Seems to be flying by whether I like it or not at the moment. But I just spent a well deserved hour on the sofa in front of the tv catching up with Grand Designs and am now full of inspiration and admiration... did anyone see last week's? If not you should watch the catch up now here!

The Scandinavian mid-century inspired house was built by interior designer Kathryn Tyler, who had never even owned a house before and was only 30 when she built this earlier this year! She designed, project managed and basically did everything herself and did it all under budget and on time - I am in awe...

(And I've just found these images here too. Just beautiful.)






Meanwhile this was my view as I watched... (apologies for the quality which is the reason I never post photos of our house - it's a dark old wonky cottage and at this time of year is even darker!)


  1. I cannot stop thinking about this house. I even googled her (not a stalker I promise!), just to have another close up look at her gorgeous home. Beautiful,just beautiful. I am truly smitten. And just a bit envious. Lou

  2. I just finished watching this, it was the best one for ages. At the end when Kevin was looking round the finished house, I kept pausing it and saying to my husband 'and look at that bit...' that staircase, the floor, the cladding... sigh. Don't even get me started on the furniture.

  3. Yes, I saw it and was in exactly the same awe! And a little bit jealous! How did she do that so young...and afford it?!

  4. So glad I'm not alone in my awe!
    And now I've done my own bit of stalking Lou and discovered she was taught by the same tutor as me!! I studied the same course at the same time as her but at Nottingham Trent not Falmouth and in my final year our tutor transferred from the course there! Small world.

  5. I love love love grand designs. Make me want to be an architect/builder/interior designer/rich to do it myself... but your room looks lovely!! what a nice fireplace.

    Ps, bought your blue owl cushion the other day for my brother's girlfriend...i wanted to keep him - he's beautiful.
    thank you!

  6. I have serious home envy and totally love her house. But frankly would love to be looking at your fireplace too while I'm watching telly.

  7. Just found your blog via Mrs Biddle's Bit and Bobs - it's lovely! I can't see your photos but wondered if it's on the Lizard as that's where our ramshakle cabin is too!