Monday 8 November 2010

Stockists part two...

Oh what a packed but lovely weekend! We've been working flat out recently on some freelance design work (very exciting but secret so far) but we squeezed in helping some friends move house, a birthday celebration and we finally got to see some of our things in a real, bricks and mortar, shop! Woo hoo.

We had headed for Frome to visit this retro and antiques market and thought we'd take the opportunity to pop over to the newly opened Holly Anna whilst we were there. And I have to say it's looking amazing. I love the grey, the signage, our wee owl flying in the window and Ru was a big fan of all the working vintage tin toys including a ride-on horse! They don't make them like they used to. Big congratulations to Holly and Matt.


  1. what a beautiful shop...and your things look perfectly placed there ;-)

  2. Must visit that shop sometime I love it. And so proud of you guys seeing all your stuff in a shop! Looking forward to hearing about the secret project too.

  3. that shop looks amazing

  4. those owls look happy there, have you seen where this one has made its home?
    so cute!

  5. hello

    I met you at the weekend at the fair at Spike Island - I think your stuff is lovely, wish I'd had more money with me at the weekend. I may be tempted to take a visit to Frome now too.

    charlotte x

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments people! And apologies for the lack of posts of late - we've been busier than a pair of bees in the height of Summer!
    Thanks for stopping by our blog and the link Virginia - I love seeing where our little things end up.
    Lovely to hear from you too Charlotte and having had a look round your marvellous website & blog I realised where I knew you're gorgeous drawings from - I bought a cake card for a friend just the other day and can you believe the shop above stocks them too!