Wednesday 2 March 2011

Spot the dog...

Oh my! I was so unbelievably excited when we were asked to send one of our little sleepy dogs over to Australia to possibly be featured in Inside Out a couple of months ago - but until I saw it in print I still thought we'd probably been cut out of the shot or something. But no... here we are in print! Woo hoo. And all in one of our favourite magazines and as I've said I have a bit of a passion for those - this is one I shall be hanging on to for sure! Thanks so much to Lara for asking us and styling such a lovely spread...


  1. Wooo! Congrats that is amazing! It looks ace.

  2. Compliments! it's fantastic!


  3. Well done, it is lovely styling, I'll have to look out for Inside Out over here. He looks at home in this shot, he also looks upside down, but it is Australia!

  4. Thanks you all!
    Hah - that's exactly what we said Virginia! And we used to be able to get it at our local newsagent but they've since stopped selling it and now we can't find it anywhere - let us know if you have more luck in London town...