Thursday 24 February 2011

Bargain hunting...

As I previously mentioned C and I bought a 1950s (ish) cabinet on a whim the other day so I thought I'd do a wee show and tell here...

Plus today the sun was out and boy has it seemed like ages since I last saw it so I whipped the camera out and got snap happy. The prints are new aquistions - the lovely Dapper Bird print is by Kate Hindley from her great etsy shop and the other by Hazel Nicholls from here is one we've wanted for ages and ages so I treated C for Valentine's Day. I was pleased with myself as it works so well on two levels - 1. the man loves his biscuits and 2. it's a helpful tip!

(Please excuse the mess in the corner and the recently broken chair - we've yet to fully complete the reorganisation process!)


  1. oooo very nice cupboard. I like very much! Also cool prints...Nice! hehehe Lou x

  2. Lovely cupboard - and I love that your place looks normal and not like a shot from a magazine! Makes me feel better about my place..."

  3. nice cupboard, nice card - all round niceness indeed!

    lottie x

  4. What a lovely cabinet- I'm very jealous!

  5. Thanks all! We were pretty pleased and all for the bargainous sum of £11. I love ebay sometimes.
    Know what you mean midcenturylass - I try but our house is never going to look like it does in my head unless we stop actually living in it!!

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