Wednesday, 18 January 2012

We get around...

Hello 2012! A tad belated but hey ho and would you expect anything less from us disorganised folk?!

We had a lovely festive break and New Year's although it seemed to absolutely fly past and already feels like an age ago. Since then though we've been manically preparing for the imminent arrival of R&M baby number two which has involved some shuffling around of living/working spaces, lots of redecorating and I may even be forced to part with my ridiculous collection of magazines to make space. Boo.

Speaking of magazines though we did somehow manage to squeeze in this interview for Mollie Makes just before Christmas and the issue landed on our doormat a few days ago - we're in print! We were so thrilled to be asked to take part and then we find we're amongst some of our favourite other creative couples to boot! We've been huge fans of Something's Hiding In Here for years, remember this, we love the work of Peris & Corr too and we met the lovely Andrea and Robert when we took part in the first UK Got Craft? market last month.

We've also just been interviewed for the ukhandmade website today too - see we do get around just not so much on our own blog!


  1. Hooray for creative couples thats what I say!
    Pete (one half of a creative couple)

  2. Congrats on the feature, loved reading your story! :)

  3. ...oh, and best of luck for the arrival of bambino #2, great news! x

  4. When I flicked through my mollie makes when it arrived last week.. I gave a squeal when I saw you both! Fantastic write up, fantastic company! You 2 are famous - it's official! ;-) xx

  5. Thanks y'all!
    We loved reading your feature too A&R - everyone was so inspiring and thanks for the luck, think we'll need lots of it! Congratulations on getting engaged too - very exciting.
    Thanks too Lou - we haven't been spotted out and about yet but surely it's only a matter of time?! Hah. x

  6. Congratulations on your feature. I've just ordered the magazine and can't wait to have a look at all the inspiring creative couples. - I too have followed Somethings Hiding in Here for years and love their stuff too (and yours also.)

  7. Hello there, I just wanted to check in and see if all is well - hope things are good. Missing your posts :) x Sending smiles from London :)

  8. Hello, I just came across your blog, happened to read that article in Mollie Makes a while ago, now realise your based in Devizes, Im in Salisbury.. Im going to be launching my new cushion collection in the next few weeks. My names Melissa nice to meet you.

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