Thursday, 12 July 2012

Short and sweet...

We should have known how all encompassing having a new baby would be... but somehow we forgot. Add to that the increasingly moody three year old living here and running our own business and you get five months passing by in what felt like about 3 minutes!

Welcome to the world baby Edie...


  1. oh she is a beaut! Congratulations (and if Bertie was a girl, he’d have been Edie!) Good choice x

  2. EEEP! I wonder what was going on.. AND you've been painting a floor?! Ah she's gorgeous - hello Edie!. Charlie's & Rufus' good friend is called Edie.. there another similarity! xxx

  3. Congratulations! You have permission to be super-slack!

  4. What a cutie! And is that actual sun in the photo? I've almost forgotten what it looks like.

  5. Oh blimey, I had no idea! Congratulations! She's a poppet, lovely name too x

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