Friday, 3 August 2012

Back in stock.

Finally the cushions are making their return to the shop over the coming few days. We had to take them all down due to a fabric supply issue but now we've got new stock and a new colour for all our cushion backs - warm grey. And we think it's lovely...

Also you might spot our newly painted studio lurking as a backdrop here. The orange pine has gone - remember here? We need to have a bit of a tidy and a sort then we'll take some sneaky photos or if you just can't wait we're now available on twitter/pinterest/instagram! Oh yes. Hello twenty-first century.


  1. i know fabric supply issues only too well! cushions looking good and fox tray - really nice! p.s I have the same giant vase in white, rather splendid! v x

  2. wow sooooo happy to find you!!!! x

  3. received my little fox cushion today - I LOVE it, it's so cute , these cushions could become addictive! Thank you so much.

    pea x

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