Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Colours and yet more colours...

We're still thinking lots about colours and have been finding inspiration everywhere but coming to any kind of decision is proving far more difficult than we'd first thought (although to be fair deciding on anything is not my forte as C will happily tell anyone who'll listen). It was 5 weeks before we officially registered Ru with a name and I once got £10 off a pair of shoes just because they wanted me out of the darn shop! Anyway just thought I'd post some images which have been inspiring me colourwise this week...


  1. kelly green...my favourite!
    nice inspiration. thanks (from a fellow indecision maker!)

  2. Ooh I love that turquoise blue and red...and the gray and yellow! Have you come to any decisions yet?

  3. hello

    I'm liking the lemon and greys and I want my kitchen to be like the first pic, instead of the beige sensation it is at present (not my fault I hasten to add).

    I love the shoe thing - I always start to feel a bit sweaty in that situation and end up with shoes that hurt!


  4. Thanks all!
    Still no decisions - you see what I mean?! Dana - you know!
    Charlotte - we had a quick peek at the exhibition in Bath yesterday and loved it all. Gorgeous stuff. Know what you mean about shoes too - my hanging about for an age in the shop doesn't seem to make me less likely to make rash decisions as the many a pairs of barely worn shoes loitering at the back of my wardrobe will tell you!

  5. Just discovered your blog through another and can I just say how darn cute your cushions are. I love them. Lots.

    And you must live very close to me (we're in Bath) which is always exciting as I'm normally reading about the lives of Australians or Americans!

    Happy weekend to you all xx

  6. Thanks Nell.
    I know I love finding out blogs are from the UK let alone up the road! We love yours too and your lovely shop - made me wish Ru was small again so I could justify those slippers!

  7. Beautiful Post!
    Lovely ideas!