Saturday 19 February 2011

Out of hand...

So we've been a bit busy again with some lovely new stockists and more orders from existing stockists, more on that soon, but today we decided to have a bit of a clear out of the studio. We bought a 1950s cabinet on an ebay whim the other day and now have to find a home for it! It was one of those this-will-be-perfect-if/when-we-ever-get-a-shop-come-studio type of decisions with only 5 mintues to go. Still I love it and am now wondering what to fill it with. Perhaps some of these...

I have to confess I have a bit of a magazine hoarding problem. I must have almost every copy of Elle Dec from 1997 onwards (and now from about 1993 too as I adopted another collection from a friend - much to Cs horror!) also most copies of Living Etc and a whole bunch of World of Interiors from the 1990s. Like I said, it's a problem! Which means everytime we want to move furntiure around we first have to deal with the magazines and as for moving house I daren't speak of it ever again!

I have to add the stack in the bottom photo is 4' high - I measured!


  1. Love Living Etc! Hold on to your magazines, I usually throw mine out when I long for some simple living, but always regret it!

  2. What is it about the magazines we love? Now that you mention the name "hoarder", I believe that's a label I should admit to!!! Domino :(, ReadyMade, Living Etc (can't get rid because its so good, and pricey here), and more...Looking forward to seeing your 50s cabinet score!

  3. i have a confession - i have every copy of elle deco from edition one - thats a bit sad isn't it. not in date order I have to say but one day if i have the time....

  4. Hurray and thanks all! It's not only me... posted this and then thought perhaps everyone would think I was some sort of loon!
    Virginia - that's even more impressive than mine and no mine aren't in order either - a step too far?!

  5. Pat is always threatening to throw my magazines out! I like to think that now that I'm blogging and making things I can more legitimately claim I need them for research!