Monday 31 May 2010

Post and Packing...

Its always nice when lovely packages arrive through the post from other etsy shops... the way people package their products with such care and attention it sometimes seems a shame to open them! With this in mind we've been trying to come up with ways to brighten up our parcels. Here's a little peek at some address & return address labels we've just designed and printed...


  1. Cute! A pretty label like that, I wouldn't tear to bits, maybe. (And we all know, tearing open packages is *fun*!)

  2. Hope you see this since I'm commenting on an older post... Are you doing these on an inkjet printer? I've had such trouble with smearing when printing on standard Avery mailing labels that I'm in a quandry -- what if the package gets a few raindrops? It doesn't seem to get better after drying overnight, so I'm stumped. Thanks for any info you can provide. (P.S. Just discovered you and loving a good snoop around your blog!)