Sunday 2 May 2010

To market, to market...

Well.. we finally made it. Its been a busier than busy two weeks after we got the news we'd made the cut for a stall at the St Catherine's market. We've not had time for anything but designing, printing and sewing (and a wee bit of childcare thrown in).. and so no blogging either. Rubbish.

But.. it did go well and despite the rain and freezing temperatures we made a few sales, got loads of positive feedback and met some really lovely people. We may even be appearing in a shop someday soonish! Hurrah.

Here are some photos of our stall and the lovely cobbled hilly St Catherine's area of Frome.


  1. Hurrah, excellent start, I was there and very proud.

  2. Ooh.. tea cosies! I'll have to come visit the market and get one :) Well done!

  3. OMG can't believe you actually got sorted and did a whole stall! Ha ha! But seriously I totally love the new stuff and I definitely want a tea cosy and lots of the other stuff. Have you set up an etsy shop? Do you have a price list and I'll start putting in some orders!! Lovely lovely lovely! I'm sure you can get some of the shops around here to stock your stuff if you bring some samples up. Loving that yellow as well.

    And that house print you did for your friend is amazing!! I want!!!

  4. The etsy shop is coming.. have had to concentrate on some seamstress work this week but we have a stock of stuff ready to be photographed and put up there asap.
    Thanks my lovely.. ooh samples up to your neck of the woods is a grand idea. We have been looking at some markets up in town - one in Stokie looks good. Or perhaps the UP market?!
    Shall I email you prices and photos until then though?..