Tuesday 25 May 2010

Where we create

I always like to see where people work so here's some photos of our current studio space (aka our spare room). It can be a tad crowded when we're both in there, and hot too at the moment as we're in the clutches of a crazy heatwave - cue much cussing from C about the ink drying in the screen mid-print run!

Those are more tea cosies on the desk which we're busy printing at the moment for our etsy shop so I'm surrounded by a sea of wadding, drying fabric and Ru's new yellow 'dig-dig'...

If you fancy a nose around some far more glamorous and spacious studios check out this beautiful website by photographer Paul Barbera called wheretheycreate - definitely worth a look.


  1. hello,
    i am journalist in France and i'd like to join you.

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